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I am a French-Greek UX/UI designer from Thessaloniki (Greece), living in Brussels (Belgium).

Colours, images and graphics have inspired me since, well, always. Studies and work have helped me create useful communication channels out of it.

Starting with basic web sites during University, I soon jumped into the maintainance of more complex portals as a webmaster. Since 2001, making my way through several posts (UI/UX designer, web coordinator and webmaster) in different projects within the European Commission and other institutions, as well as private companies, I’ve developed a user-centered mindset. This has been my guide ever since.

When I don’t design interfaces, I focus on my own user experience for my hobbies and interests. I am a passionate all-terrain alpine skier and long-distance trail runner, a climbing, slacklining, mountain-biking and wind-surfing enthusiast and a book addict.

Services & skills

User Research

User Experience (UX) is all about listening to your audience and their needs.

Analysis & User Interface (UI) design

Giving life to the feedback via paper and digital means (wireframing, prototyping)

Interaction design

Interaction is a two-way street between the user and the product; share your work and ask for feedback.
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